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"Leading Training Academy in the Hair & Beauty Sector"
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About Us
Why we are the trainer of choice among professional and hobbyist in the hair and beauty sector.
As a leading Training Academy in the Hair & Beauty sector, we strive for:-
The highest Customer Service Standard.
We understand a simple fact - without our students we have nothing -so the only way we grow, is to look after them better than anybody else.
Outstanding value for money.
While we offer the highest quality standards across the business, we provide these services at the lowest cost, giving our students the best value for money anywhere!
Highest quality standards.
While providing affordable rates is important, we don't believe this  should be done at the expense of quality. Quality of service is our first priority.
Remaining ahead of trends and techniques.
As a training organisation we believe it's our duty to keep ahead of the latest techniques, trends and technology to ensure you benefit from this. Our association with our students doesn't end when they've completed a course, it continues on for as long as they wish, providing them access to this knowledge and information.
Exceptional after-training support
We believe that after-training support is as important as the training course itself. As you start using your new skills you need support. This may relate to the course itself or wider support, such as business skill support, or questions about the industry in general. We are here to support you all the way - we know how important that is.
Embracing technology and innovation.
As it is important to stay ahead of industry trends, we also believe it's important to stay ahead of technology and to try and innovate as best we can. We have already introduce innovative video technology which allows us to provide refresher video courses to students. We continue to look for ideas to help improve our service and make us the industry's trainer of choice.
"Our objective is to stand head and shoulders above competitors in every respect."