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Welcome to Sunshine Hair & Beauty Training Academy

Training courses for everybody!

We have numerous career opportunities  everywhere in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland for anybody who is trained in the Hair and Beauty sector and has a teaching qualification.
Exciting career opportunities everywhere in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
The opportunity is to run your own  branch of Sunshine Hair and Beauty Training Academy in your own area. You run it as your own business. We provide  you everything, including our expertise, systems, programmes, website, procedures, etc. so you can concentrate on marketing your services locally, and providing the training.  We provide all the backup  you need so you can start immediately and do what you love and are good at - training people in the Hair & Beauty sector.
This is the ideal opportunity to become self-employed - to earn what you want, and to enjoy the freedom of being your own boss. We only charge a small start-up fee, which together with our small  admin fee per booking and low overheads (working from home or your salon,) makes it a profitable opportunity. All it takes is a willingness to work hard and you are up and running straight away. Importantly, you aren't on your own, you become part of a group dedicated to  investing in and improving our services on a continuous basis. This means you can concentrate on your business while others concentrate on other aspects of improving your business, without it costing you anything.
Use the Contact Form to  contact us, and Rhian, or one of her assistants, will contact you to discuss the opportunity further with you. Alternatively, apply now by pressing the Apply Now button below.
Please don't apply if you don't have Hair and Beauty experience and a teaching qualification.